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Welcome to Almaa Siddha Care Multi Speciality Hospital

Almaa Organization has laid its footing from 2008 onwards has been unlocking the mystery of herbs, extracting the goodness, and gifting the world with good health. As the adage goes, Almaa acknowledges, abides and acts upon the principles and provides apt treatment for universal diseases through consumption of its herbal products as food supplementary. While pharmaceutical companies extract active ingredients from plants and sell them as drugs, the benefits of medicinal plants which cannot be replicated because of their synergistic combination of hundreds of naturally occurring phytochemicals that cannot be reproduced in laboratories:

The benefit comes from using the whole plant, not just an isolated ingredient. Because they contain whole herbs and fruits, ALMAA HERBAL EXTRACTIONS formulas are safer and more effective and differing from Western formulations which often times have harmful side effects. Read more »

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almaa hospital founder M.G.L.Velayuthm

Welcome abroad ALMAA as we embark on this journey of fulfilling the dreams of our ancient Siddhas by bringing health and nutrition to every life, we are glad to have you with us. ALMAA is the culmination of relentless Research and Development for over 5 years. We at ALMAA are committed to offer you an unrivalled range of SIDDHA nutraceuticals which will be followed by cosmeceuticals which have been acknowledged by the world over for its highest quality Read more »

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The attitude towards treatment is " Not to the disease but to the patient " approach of Mind body and soul of each and every individual depending upon their body type age and status of the functional brain the mind.

The treatment includes Yoga naturopath food and Training the mind. Each patient will be given food and medication as per their constituent. The patient coming over to ALMAA hospital will be taken care of literally in the Siddha way so as to enhance their prolonged life expectancy and the patients leave the hospital fully cured and in jubilant mood.

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The ALMAA HERBAL mission is to provide continuous health care to human kind, protect the environment and reach the end user in Siddhar's way, The vision is to ensure that no medication is required and enhance every human immune system to protect themselves from harmful diseases. As MEDICINE IS FOOD BASED.

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044 - 24330294 / 24330295

#3, Jagadeeswaran Street, T. Nagar,
Chennai - 600 017, Tamilnadu, India.

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